Mesh solution

We offer a multitude of white and black mesh storage options. With the help of our experts, get the maximum amount of space and the optimization of your storage areas. Whether in a closet, a laundry room, in the garage or the workbench, YPO's wire mesh products will be a must for your general storage.

What people think

Mme. Claire Dugas

With YPO Storage, I am finally able to maximize the space and storage of my clients' interior design projects without breaking the initial budget. The different solutions are very customizable, which gives the possibility of being free in our plans and renderings. A MUST !
Mme. Clara Rouhani

I finally have wardrobes that look like the ones in magazines but without the high cost. Having a walk-in without cabinet gives me a large storage area with a pretty unparalleled cachet. In addition, I was able to completely customize the installations so that everything is optimal in my spaces.
M. Louis Tanguay

1 word: WOW!

Since I completely fitted out my garage and my workbench with YPO wire mesh products, I was finally able to see and place all the materials I had that were inaccessible. With the different choice and assembly formulas, it was easy to order and install everything. Having known that I had so many inaccessible things, I would have opted for YPO before. THANK YOU!